The Examining the relationship between health rights and environmental rights


  • Alireza Annabi * Member of the academic staff of Islamic Azad University Maragheh


right to health, health standard, environmental rights, environmental pollution and destruction.


The right to health as an inherent right means that everyone has the right to achieve the highest standard of physical and mental health, and this right includes all medical services, public health, adequate food, suitable housing, a healthy work environment, and a clean environment. includes in general, the environment is a connected set of factors and conditions on which the life and durability of living organisms depend, based on the above definition of environmental rights, it discusses the rules that govern the relationship between humans and environmental factors. or in other words, environmental rights are a set of rules that regulate the relationship between humans and the environment. Therefore, environmental law brings under discipline and controls human behaviours and actions that can lead to bad effects or destruction and pollution of the environment and natural resources. The reason for contracting all kinds of diseases and as a result, increasing mortality and decreasing life expectancy will be a problem for that country and even its neighbours. Pollutions sometimes have such destructive effects that the residents of that area suffer from them and bear their effects for generations to come. Therefore, preserving the environment and protecting it against all kinds of pollutants is closely related to the health of the inhabitants of that ecosystem. According to the above, this research, uses the analytical-descriptive method, in order to examine the relationship between health rights and environmental rights. we are alive


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