The Breast Cancer, a Global Health Crisis


  • Mohadeseh Aghaei



Breast cancer is still a public health problem worldwide and is currently the most common tumor in the world. Breast cancer is a life-threatening disease in women and the leading cause of death in the female population. Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disorder with different molecular subtypes and biological characteristics, with different therapeutic functions and clinical outcomes for each molecular subtype. Furthermore, the treatment of BC is complicated by intratumoral complexity. Consequently, breast cancer risk assessment is an important part of public health. Precision medicine for breast cancer is a practice for diagnosis, treatment, screening and prevention of the disease that takes into account the patient's genetic makeup. Therefore, by identifying women who are at high risk of breast cancer, it is possible to make personalized recommendations regarding screening methods, the age at which breast screening should begin, the frequency of completing screenings, and individual counselling.



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