The Investigating The Effect of Health and Safety Training on The Performance of Emergency Medical Personnel (Emergency 115)


  • Sirwan Zardi 1 Health, Safety and Environmental Engineering, Mehr Alborz University
  • Leili Makhdoom Zadeh Ardakani



Safety training, , health, personnel,, medical emergencies, emergency 115


In this paper, the impact of health and safety training on the performance of emergency medical personnel (Emergency 115) has been investigated. In this regard, a descriptive-analytical research method has been used. The statistical population includes all the personnel of the emergency center 115 of the 5th district of Tehran, who were working in different departments such as the central headquarters, urban and road emergency medical centers in 1401 and at the time of conducting this study. The number of people eligible to enter the study was 95. Also, a questionnaire was used to collect data. Validity of the questionnaire was evaluated using the opinions of professors and experts in the field of medical emergency and safety and health, and their reliability was evaluated using Cronbach's alpha method. The results were analyzed using SPSS software. The results show that there is a positive and significant relationship between health and safety training and the performance of emergency medical personnel..



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Zardi, S., & Makhdoom Zadeh Ardakani, L. (2023). The Investigating The Effect of Health and Safety Training on The Performance of Emergency Medical Personnel (Emergency 115). International Journal of New Findings in Health and Educational Sciences (IJHES), 1(2), 97–103.




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