The necessity and application of educational technology in teaching


  • Nariman Fardad
  • Fariba Fardad


Educational media, Education, Learning, Technology


Educational media have undergone significant changes and transformations with the passage of time and the advancement in science and technology, and for this reason, different educational media have been used by educational centres in each period and according to the available facilities. Any educational system will be successful in fulfilling its mission if it has teachers with scientific qualifications familiar with educational methods and equipped with educational, occupational and professional skills. Among these very efficient educational methods are educational technologies and tools. In 1954, the Ford Foundation launched educational television and introduced it to schools, and the US Senate passed the National Defense Plan for Education, and schools immediately started buying educational tools. In this way, modern devices and tools entered the field of education and were used to facilitate and improve it. In general, educational technology can be considered as a set of methods and instructions that are used by using scientific findings to solve educational problems, including design, implementation, and evaluation in educational programs. This article focuses on the use of new technologies in teaching to improve the quality of teaching and also facilitate the teacher's work, it has been compiled with a descriptive and analytical method and using library information, and we are trying to find out which tools What tools and equipment can be used in teaching and what should be the conditions of working with them so that it can help students' learning and speed up the teacher's teaching work.


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